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The Gerg Gaming Latest News:

The Gerg Gaming now streaming on Twitch and Mixer!

The Gerg has decided to take his love of streaming a bit further and now streams on Twitch and Mixer at the same time thanks to re-stream. 

Welcome to the new and improved We Are Inside Geek Studios Website.

The Gerg has decided to change his once beloved We Are Inside Geek into the Studio that runs the place. 

Let's Get Social:

The Gerg Gaming on Twitch.

The Gerg streams every Monday - Friday at 8:30PM EST. Click the link below to join him.

The Gerg Gaming on Twitter.

Follow The Gerg Gaming on Twitter for updates, video game related tweets and just plain weirdness.

The Gerg Gaming on Facebook.

If your not the Twitter type and you have Facebook, The Gerg is on there.

The Gerg Gaming on Instagram.

Like photo's that make no sense, like random photo's and photo's of The Gerg? Your in luck he's on Instagram.

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Yellow K Records

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Yellow K Records is a label built by brothers. Dedicated to the memory of a brother lost and ran by brothers found.

The Gerg Highlight:

Petersburg is about the small town I grew up in, in West Virginia. 

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