The Gerg Gaming Schedule:

06/12 - 06/18:
Mon: Oxenfree (Solo)
Tue: Dead By Daylight w/Friends 
Wed: Paladins w/Friends
Thurs: Golf With Friends w/Friends
Fri: Star Wars Battlefront  (X-Box One)
Sat and Sun: ?
*All start times are 8:30PM EST.


06/19 - 06/25:
Mon: Fable Anniversary (Solo)
Tue: Friday The 13th (PC) w/Friends
Wed: Deceit w/Friends
Thurs: Ghostbusters (Solo)
Fri: Friday The 13th: The Game (X-Box One)
Sat and Sun: ?
*All start times are 8:30PM EST.

How to get Tuppence?:

10T - Every 5 minutes.

1T - Active User Bonus

3T - Regular Bonus

5T - MOD Bonus

100T - Host Bonus

1000T - Subscriber Bonus

1000T - Follow Bonus

100T per each $1.00 Donated. 

*T = Tuppence 


Ankhbot Commands:

!monies - See how many Tuppence you have.


!campblood (amount) - This allows you to play the Camp Blood mini game and earn some extra Tuppence.

*Cooldown time is 2 minutes and time to join is 1 minute.


!quote add (quote -authors quote name) - Add your favorite quotes. 


!challenge (username) - Take someone into the Arena. The other player must type "!challenge (username who challenged)" when Ankhbot tells you. 



Ankhbot Soundbar:


Command: Info: Cost: Cooldown
!krustylaugh Gerg's Krust Laugh 15T 15 sec
!slade This First Slaaaddeeee 15T 15 sec
!goonies Goonies Never Say Die 25T 15 sec
!halloween Halloween Theme 25T 15 sec
!rum Why is the rum gone? 25T 15 sec
!kikiki KiKiKi,MaMaMa 25T 15 sec
!ion STBattlefront Ion Shock 50T 30 sec
!notime Ain't Nobody Got Time For That 50T 30 sec
!ohgod Dub: Oh God No 50T 30 sec
!oldgreg I'm old Greeegggg 50T 30 sec
!boomstick This is my boomstick 75T 45 sec
!chicken Colonel Sandurz CHICKEN! 75T  45 sec
!comeon Come On Dorn! 75T 45 sec
!shownomercy Flaming Lips 75T

45 sec

!alreadyhere Hellraiser 100T 60 sec
!goodbad Ash Williams 100T 60 sec
!officer Tucker and Dale 100T 60 sec
!shepenis Booger 100T 60sec



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